You Need an Executive Team – A Team on a Thin Budget

You may be reading through this series of articles and thinking, “this is great for someone with a lot of money and a lot of friends, but not for me.”  You think you can’t have your own executive team because you have a thin budget – or no budget at all.  And that would be wrong.  If you’re running lean on cash and resources, there are some good strategies you can use on a thin budget.

First, many great experts in particular fields offer educational packages and resources which share their expertise.

Can’t afford the best marketing expert’s fees?  Check out to see if that person offers an educational package with great strategies.  Are they speaking at a seminar?  Not only could you gain some great content, but you may be able to get some face time, too.  Many of the best experts have figured out that it is more profitable to share their knowledge once by duplicating the resource thousands of times, rather than meeting with clients one by one.  Many of them prefer webinars, podcasts, vidcasts, and speaking at selected seminars – and then answering questions through blog posts.  In fact, some of them make a point to meet the needs of those who have a thin budget.  And all of these resources could provide you all you need!

Secondly, there is the concept of bartering.

Many people miss this one, but it can be effective in the right situations.  Bartering is where you trade your expertise or resources for the expertise or resources someone else is offering.  There are many, many opportunities where experts have profoundly helped each other without any exchange of cash.  Many experts in a particular area love to work with someone who is an expert in another area, simply because they are also interested in strengthening their own executive team.  Not everyone is receptive to this opportunity, but many of them are open to discussing possibilities if the situation is attractive.  The critical point of emphasis here is that you provide outstanding value from your end that would be valuable to the expert.  Otherwise, you are wasting everyone’s time and discrediting yourself, which is dangerous.

Thirdly, do your research on the Internet.

Many experts offer free or deeply discounted resources to gain clients.  Listen to podcasts and take notes.  Sign up for the “free webinars” and other resources that they offer.  Many of them will give you up to 90% of the great information and resources they provide – just to prove that they are as good as advertised.  Always take notes and review what you wrote.  You may find that you ended up with everything you needed from what you found.

Lastly, be strategic and find effective interaction opportunities with the expert.

Twitter, Facebook and other social media are great opportunities to make connections.  If you carefully read and evaluate the expert’s content, you can find ways to connect and communicate with them without appearing to be constantly taking and not giving.  The process is an art that can provide lots of benefits.  And you may find that the expert you seek is someone who was able to get a career start from doing exactly what you are trying to do.  Many experts fall into that category.

Here at, we exist to provide a lot of free and affordable resources for a thin budget.  Frankly, we’ve been at that point where we had no money to spend on the education we needed.  We understand.  That’s why we give a lot away and then work on your behalf to ask for the best and brightest experts to provide their resources at an affordable price.  All we ask is for you to keep looking here and keep asking for more.  Let us know what we can provide for you and we’ll do our best to get it.

As Jim Valvano, the famous basketball coach said years ago, “Don’t give up.  Don’t ever give up.”

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