You Need Your Own Executive Team – The Candidate Selection

The last step is to make the candidate selection for your team.  Carefully evaluate your notes.  Call references and referrals.  Feel free to send additional questions or concerns to your prospective executive team members after you complete your appointments.  And if you need to do some follow-up appointments with a candidate, make it a priority to do so.

And then make your candidate selection.

The Final Interview

Schedule an appointment with the candidate.  Have some questions prepared beforehand to confirm your selection.  You may either choose to ask the questions at the next appointment, or send your questions beforehand for them to answer before you make an appointment.  Sometimes a situation changes and you may find that the current situation is not as good as the last time you met.  Confirm what was said and discussed in the previous meeting. Wait for the response.  Let them do the talking.

Move to the Next Step

If you find that your choice is confirmed, and all of your questions and concerns were addressed, ask what needs to be done to move to the next step from their end.  Just as important for you to know what you expect from them is to find out what they expect from you.  Ask them how they can accomplish their best work and to get the best results.

And take notes.  Always take notes.  Don’t try to rely on your memory.  Even if you have to wait until after the meeting, write down the details and keep good records.  It will benefit you in the long run.

Review the Details

Gather whatever documentation from them that they want for you to complete and sign.  Even though you may think that you’ve made a final decision, you still need to review the details to ensure that everything is going to be fine.  Sometimes the fine print in an agreement or contract is not what was promised in the conversation.  Read the paperwork carefully.  Don’t sign anything until you review everything.

Evaluate the Process

Lastly, do yourself a favor and evaluate the candidate selection process.  Be ready to address additional questions and concerns after the decision is made.  That’s not to say that things aren’t going to work out, but you need to keep the communication moving forward and to increase trust.  And you need to trust your executive team members at all times.

This process should be a celebration and a positive event.  Congratulate yourself and your new team member!  You did it!

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