A Great Business Advisor: Making the Complex Simple

I have found that I can gain advice on a lot of subjects.  It all depends on who it is and where the advice is coming from.  I’ve also found that I can get cheap advice from a lot of different places.  If I implement that advice, it can be very expensive.  Regardless, I need for complex information to be simplified – and that process starts with experts.
The effectiveness of that advice usually depends on the understanding and wisdom of the person who offers it.  It also depends on the results that come from that understanding and wisdom.  Look carefully at the qualifications and the fundamental expertise of the one who is talking.  Look at the results, too.

A business advisor needs to be able to assess the current situation, craft a strategic response, and then create a projected strategy for the future.

The advisor needs to be able to process the information they receive and then build a beautiful strategy.  All these steps are not necessarily easy or simple to accomplish, but the best advisors are able to accomplish this work with skill and confidence.

Furthermore, the best advisors are able to communicate the solutions to complex and difficult situations with a sense of simplicity.

The reason why is because they have such a high level of understanding that they can “translate” what they know to someone who doesn’t understand.  The complicated and the complex areas will become easier to understand, but the profound information will be very clear.  In addition, they usually love what they know and love when someone takes an interest.

It is important for you to understand the current situation and the response of the proposed strategies of the advisor, and for you to be in agreement with those strategies.

Be careful with an advisor’s strategy or approach.  It might be simple, but that could be too simple.  Ask them the tough questions and pay attention that they don’t stumble through the explanation.  On the other hand, watch out for the advisor who makes the subject too complex to the point that you don’t understand how it will be effective in your situation.
If you don’t understand how something will work or you aren’t confident it will work, you will experience dissatisfaction with the end results.  Commit to finding someone who will allow you to understand what you need.  After that, be able to apply what you have learned.

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