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content matters

Written by onlineadvisor1

December 5, 2023

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When you are planning and building the content for your website, there are important points of emphasis that you should implement. Regardless of the graphics, format, style and amount of content you provide, using these points will create greater success for your website.
Here are the key points:

Clearly State the Value Proposition in Your Content

It’s important to present what you will provide to your client. This includes a clearly stated understanding of what your client needs and what you will do to meet those needs. You want to clearly explain what products and/or services you offer, and how effective they will be for the client’s success and profitability. If you are vague in this area, or if you choose to skip this whole step altogether, your website will be destined for disaster.

Clearly Post Opportunities to Contact Your Company

Even if you clearly state your value proposition, you can easily lose your customer with one simple step: don’t offer a highly visible link to contact you. Make sure you post easy-to-see areas where customers can contact you. Many studies show that the upper right corner of the home page is the best place to put a contact link and a phone number. Additionally, it’s helpful to put links to contact you throughout the site, and at least two places on every page.

It’s Not About You – It’s About Your Customer

Customers are looking to meet their needs. They’re not interested in reading through content on a “brag site”. Avoid bragging about yourself, your organization and how good you are. Instead, be focused on presenting great service, exceptional value, and an interest in your customer. There’s nothing wrong about using testimonials where others tell how you made their experience an exceptional one. Just make sure that you explain that you will make the prospective customer’s experience an exceptional one, too.

Get to the Point – Quickly

Attention spans are lower than ever. If you don’t get to the point in five seconds or less, you’ve lost the customer. With that in mind, you need to gain the customer’s attention as quickly as possible. Use effective words and powerful graphics, especially on the home page of your website.

Establish Your Expertise

Just because you make a great presentation doesn’t mean that you can do the work you promise. Explain how you can provide exceptional value for your customer. Give plenty of opportunities and examples. Focus on showing how you have dealt with projects and situations that are similar to what your client is facing, and how you will solve their problems with a highly effective solution.

Make the Experience Risk-Free

For many customers, they are concerned that they will pay good money for something, only to find that they received lousy value. Worse yet, they may find that they wasted a lot of time and money with a particular vendor. If it is possible, try to offer a risk-free or a “100% guarantee” experience for your customers. By eliminating the risk, you will find that customers will be more open to work with you. Additionally, you will also find that there are very few customers that will try to get something for nothing – which makes the offer a very low-risk offer for you, too.

Be Relational, Not Transactional

Very few customers want to have a one-transaction experience with a vendor. Instead, they want to feel like they can continue the business relationship beyond the first transaction. Clearly state your commitment for the customer’s success after the sale. Explain how you will be there for the customer in the future. Not only does it provide confidence behind the sale, it also establishes and grows the customer’s trust in you.
Although these points are fairly simple, implementing them requires focused planning and intentional design. As you build and grow your content, use this list as a checklist to ensure that you meet these requirements.


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