Don’t avoid opportunities for participants to enjoy breakout rooms

Welcome to the “What NOT to Do When Building an Online Community!”  In this article, we talk about a very easy tendency for many community leaders:
Don’t avoid opportunities for participants to enjoy breakout rooms.
Let’s talk about an opportunity for live events which seems to get missed way too often: using breakout rooms for people to meet each other and enjoy meaningful discussions and interactions.
When we are organizing an event, we tend to consider our content as being the most important aspect of the event.  There are good reasons for that strategy, because we want to create great outcomes and opportunities for us and our organization.  However, when it comes to a community-based live event, it’s easy to forget that some people are actively looking to connect with others and join our community.  If we dominate the conversation and don’t give our participants an opportunity to visit with others, the event becomes a time where we are the exclusive stars of the show – and the opportunity for people to feel loyalty to our community and to each other goes away.
Instead of keeping everyone in one big group, break them up into separate rooms.  You don’t have to choose a random arrangement.  You can put people in specific rooms if you’d like.  It’s all about creating conversations which result into relationships.
It’s not complicated.  Look into your platform for its breakout room options.  Practice with the technology and give it a try.  You should get some great results!
Need some help on the setup?  Let us know.  Email us at and let us help you!

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