Don’t forget to record your live events – especially when they start

Welcome to the “What NOT to Do When Building an Online Community!”  In this article, we talk about a very simple concept, but one that seems to come up way too often because it’s way too easy to fall into the trap of doing it:
Don’t forget to record your live events – especially when they start.
Too many hosts of live events forget to record them.  The worst part is that the event can be lost forever.  Is it worth the loss for you?
When you host a live event or session, even if it is a simple Zoom event or something a bit more complex on an app like Streamyard, you always should record it – even if you don’t have any plans to rebroadcast it or upload it to a cloud drive or service like YouTube or Vimeo.  There is a good reason why to do so: captured content can be used in all kinds of applications, including promotional videos, “B-roll” video for background use, and then for the obvious option to allow your community to watch it at their leisure in the future.
What some hosts forget to do, though, is to record the entire event.  As you create your task list for your live event, make sure you put “Start the session recording as I start the event” as a priority task.  It’s easy to get busy as you get the event started and “hitting record” is probably low on your priority list.  But you don’t want to be in the middle of your event and then realize you’re not recording at that point.  Not only will you feel a little embarrassed, you’ll be distracted for a bit as you try to recover with your live audience.  Frankly, it’s not worth it.  Just take care of it ahead of time.
While we’re talking about assigning tasks, take the approach that any good pilot completes before he or she takes off.  Write out all of the tasks you need to complete during the entire live event.  Start with setting up your camera, microphone and lighting.  Then work on your platform and your social media channel settings, and then continue with the other steps until you’re completed.  And don’t forget your guests!  Give them all of the key steps they need to take to connect with you and to look their best with their setups.  They’ll thank you later.
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