Recruiting Strategies with Excellent Results

On Entrepreneur Magazine’s website, Kelly Kinnard wrote a solid article about excellent recruiting strategies for today’s market. She explained how startups can compete with established companies for the top talent. Entitled “Your Startup Can Compete With Companies Like Facebook for Top Talent. Here’s How.“, she describes how to attract top-notch talent with an engaging approach.

One of the specific areas she addressed was the fact that your best candidates are usually people who are fairly secure in their jobs. She then stated the crisis: “Keep in mind that you’re trying to woo this person away from a stable job. You’re going to need to put in some work to do that.”

Frankly, Ms. Kinnard probably understated that fact. Depending on the person and their situation, it’s more than “some work” to accomplish your goal to hire them. What it is going to take is some focused marketing as part of your recruiting strategies.

We all know that the days are long gone where the vast majority of the working force will stay at the same place for their entire career. Most talent take the approach which is similar to professional sports. They “sign” with an organization and stay with that organization until they find a better opportunity.

Frankly, it’s all about the employee feeling productive, valued and given the opportunity to grow.

Especially with the Millennial Generation becoming a stronger force in the market, recruiting strategies have changed. Employees look a whole lot closer to find and determine the value they receive from where they work.

Most organizations believe in the value of their employees and they want to provide value to them. What is frequently missed is that they have to present themselves as an organization that is committed and active.  They should focus on how to help their employees accomplish those values every day. It’s not just about coming to work. It’s about seeing an effective mission and vision of the organization in active roles.

The vision and mission for valuing employees comes from the executive management team – and they are responsible to show how employees can align with both.

They need to determine the best plans for the organization. Then they must act on those plans, especially how they will take care of those who work for them.

Recruiting strategies seem easy, but they’re not. What many executives think is good enough may not be good enough at all – for their commitment to attract and keep the best and brightest talent.

One of the major concerns that talented professionals share with recruiters is this: how can the reward of moving to a new company be greater than the risk of leaving a good one right now? When you and the organization have no past history, how can you trust the promises of a new organization? This is a big question that has to be answered with the candidate in mind.

As an organization, you always need to decide if the candidate is a good fit for your organization in line with your values.

That includes the person’s skills, personality, experience, adaptability, and other traits. On the other hand, think about how your organization is going to motivate, encourage and grow that candidate as an employee. And, more importantly, think about how the organization is going to make that risk/reward argument a successful one.  It’s all about creating many more rewards than increasing risk.

Ask yourself and your organization: how are we increasing our attractiveness as an organization to prospective and current employees in our recruiting strategies?

How are we communicating our values to benefit our employees? How do we reward them for their commitment to our organization?

It costs a lot of money to train employees. It also costs money to recruit the top talent. Do yourself and your organization a favor. Look at how you are marketing yourselves to the best and brightest as part of your recruiting strategies.

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