Five Great Principles of Leadership

To be a great leader, we need to keep great leadership principles in mind.  Here are five quick recommendations we need to think about as leaders:

Five Great Principles of Leadership

  • Good or bad, right or wrong, make a decision.  Sometimes our decision is not to make a decision on a topic, but be intentional about it.  Don’t play games with others or, more importantly, don’t play games with yourself when it comes to making a decision.  No one respects a leader who is indecisive and passive.
  • Don’t make decisions based purely on emotions or purely on logic.  Take both areas into account and realize that they should play into your decision in a calculated approach.  Your intuition is important, just as much as your logic.
  • People don’t have to like you as a leader, but they should respect you.  You aren’t going to be liked 100% of the time as a leader, so resolve in your mind and heart that you may have to stand on your own.  Stand on the right principles which will endure.
  • Maintain your integrity.  There is nothing worse than a leader who cannot be trusted.  Not only does this include telling the truth, but it also includes the integrity of taking action that is consistent with what the leader says.  Do what you say you will do.
  • Take the time to know whom you are leading – and lead them well.   You don’t have to be best friends with those you lead, but you need to know what motivates them and how they can trust you better.
Even if you don’t have a big team to lead, or even a talented team to lead, lead your team well.  Be there.  Always be present.  Be great.

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