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November 25, 2023

With all of the responsibilities that you have to manage, more than likely the last thing that you’re monitoring is your LinkedIn page. You need to be committed to find ways to improve your LinkedIn page!

If you are not familiar with LinkedIn, it is the main social media channel for professionals to share information and to connect with each other. It is a unique place from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other channels as it is focused on businesses and organizations and the people who belong to them. If you are not on LinkedIn, you need to set up an account as soon as possible.

Some people argue that LinkedIn isn’t really worth the attention it seems to require. You may want to consider that argument. LinkedIn is one of the best and most respected websites when it relates to an online directory of professionals. Unless you intend to keep yourself anonymous in the business world – which may be a possibility – you want to be active and present in this community. This is where professionals find and communicate with each other.

Sure, there are recruiters and salespeople who are looking for leads in LinkedIn.   They can and will contact people to complete a sale. Being someone with a respected, highly desirable profile that is in demand is better than being ignored or missed altogether. LinkedIn is a great place to gain recognition and visibility for your professional career and industry influence.

LinkedIn is the main resource where people look for specific people with specific skills, experience and connections. If you are open to meeting new people like yourself and broadening your network, LinkedIn is a great place to accomplish these goals. In addition, if you are looking for more people in your industry, this is also a great place to make these connections.

Most people on LinkedIn realize the benefits of this marketplace and are open to great discussions and introductions to new people who can assist them in their careers. Seeing that business happens with people who are active in the marketplace, this is a great opportunity for you to grow your influence and to become more relevant to others like you.

Here are some ways you can improve your LinkedIn page:

Review your experience profile.

For most people, they set up their LinkedIn profile and then quickly list a few things. Then they ignore the whole profile altogether. Don’t fall into that trap.  Make a commitment to improve your LinkedIn presence.  Make a point to review it right away, and then review it at least twice a year. Spend some time crafting an attractive, engaging experience profile with accurate and intriguing descriptions of what you’ve done in your professional career.

Make your profile something that you can be proud to present and a resource to promote yourself in an effective way. As you accomplish new achievements and gain more expertise, you need to list them within your profile. Not only do they give you more credibility, they also give you additional opportunities to talk to others about what you know and what you can do. Lastly, they give you the opportunity to broaden your network with others with the same experience and skills.

Additionally, give some thought to your educational experience. Don’t just list your degree. List points of emphasis, specialties, and additional experiences you gained while in college. Don’t miss the opportunity to list those leadership opportunities you gained. For example, did you lead a major gathering of people while in college? Leading hundreds of people at an event isn’t something to ignore – it’s something that shows you have the ability to organize and lead a big event with lots of people involved.

Expand your volunteer experience profile.

It’s not all about what you do in the marketplace. It’s also how you are serving the community around you. If you don’t have any volunteer experience listed, you may be communicating that you aren’t active in your local community. Showing what you’re doing in the local community provides more background about your skills and interests, but it also shares more information about your passions. It provides a human aspect to the impression you want to share. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to promote the organizations you love and want to tell others to join. Of course, if you have nothing to list, this would be a good time to get involved in great community groups and to get active with your neighbors and friends!

Strengthen your featured skills and endorsements.

It’s easy to post information about yourself.  Remember that you need to show what you’ve done and who respects what you’ve done. Do yourself a favor and reach out to your friends for help on this area. It’s good to have others help promote you and speak about how good you are. Ask for endorsements from those who know you and respect your skills and abilities. At the same time, endorse your friends for their skills and experiences as well.

List out your accomplishments, especially your certifications.

In this area, show what you’ve accomplished outside of your formal education. Be mindful of the certifications and achievements you list. The certifications which require substantial studies, challenging exams, and are from high-profile, respected organizations are the ones you want to list. Avoid listing those classes and seminars which don’t require any proof of skill or competency.

Consider your interests for their focus points.

People look at your interests for what you’re interested in. Make a point to carefully consider what you’re representing in these lists. If you’re looking at great people, groups and topics, people will want to look at the same things. If you don’t have anything worthwhile listed in your interests, people will get a bad impression.

We’ll be sharing more about the ideas to improve your LinkedIn presence in some of our next social media posts, so keep coming back to read more.

How will your improve your LinkedIn presence?

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