You Need an Insurance Agent on Your Personal Executive Team

Arguably the person who gets the worst rap for being on one’s executive team is the insurance agent.  No one seems to like to talk to this person, because it usually means that something bad happened or money has to be spent.  And that’s really unfortunate.  Not only are they good people, they are the allies you need when you’re in the middle of a crisis.

The Need of a Good Insurance Agent

Just like with other strategic partners, such as an attorney, it’s true that you don’t necessarily need your insurance agent unless there’s a problem.  But if there is a problem, you’re going to have to make that call.  And, frankly, when you make that call, you don’t want to be talking to a call center.  You want to talk to someone who knows you personally and is totally committed to serving you in a time of need.

For years, I didn’t have to depend on the benefits of the insurance policies I had, but I had them in place in case something happened.  That was because I had some great insurance agents in the past. They were consistently working with me to make sure we had the most beneficial coverage in place.

A Personal Story

In one year, it just happened that I virtually needed the protection of all of my policies.  This included the standard auto and home policies, but also the protection of my personal liability policy as well.  It was an expensive year, but it would have been disastrous if I hadn’t had the policies in place.

I’ve spent time making sure my family is protected and provided for in the case I pass away.  There have been friends of mine whose lives ended way too soon.  They left families behind.  Some of them didn’t have life insurance, and now it’s a rough situation for their spouses and kids.  As much as it is hard to think about your mortality, it just makes good sense to make plans when it happens.  And your insurance agent is the person who can help you make the right decisions.

Stay in Contact

It is important to stay in contact with your agent. Keep your agent informed on the changes you have in your life and business.  It is important to have coverage for those things that you value, especially for you and your family.  You never know what tomorrow holds. Having everything in order with your insurance will buy you peace of mind.

If you need help with finding and maintaining a good relationship with your insurance agent, or if you need help with questions you should ask your agent, contact us at   We’ll send you some great questions and points of emphasis at no cost to you.

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