John Harris

John Harris is the President/CEO of Digital Environment LLC, the parent organization of

Throughout his career, John has carefully studied the areas of entrepreneurship and strategic planning and management for small businesses and organizations. His passion and drive are focused on advising and partnering with businesses and organizations to achieve “effective and efficient” goals and objectives. reflects the strategic services which John and his advisors have been providing clients for over 18 years.

To gain the insights and expertise John has acquired for over 25 years in his career, it requires a wide variety of opportunities and experiences that aren’t necessarily gained in the corporate world. He has had the unique opportunity and pleasure to work with some of the most knowledgeable and successful business instructors and advisors in the United States. These people have collaborated with John to create some of the best strategies in the business world. Now that much of what has been compiled has been time-tested and ready to use, John is ready to share what he has learned in the marketplace and beyond for the benefit of his clients.

In addition to his experience in the business world, John has been coaching sports for over 30 years. Using the learning opportunities that sports provide in regards to leadership, teamwork, perseverance, strategy and crisis management, he is able to apply the critical principles and applications to benefit businesses and organizations. Conversely, he is also able to apply management and organizational principles to sports teams and athletes to help them successfully reach their goals. When it comes to strategic planning, John has developed some of the most effective systems in the marketplace, simply because of the integration of sports principles within the organization.

Lastly, John places a high emphasis on empowering and equipping people to perform at their best and to find their greatest opportunities to succeed. With an educational background in Human Development, he combines the resources of recognizing a person’s strengths and challenges with the aspects of strategic planning to create the most effective environments. Recognizing that success and failure are most dependent on people, and not on systems, John focuses on the dynamics of the individual as it affects the “team” and how to create the best environment for everyone.

John holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Arizona State University and a Master’s of Business Administration Degree from Liberty University. He currently serves on the football coaching staff at Pikes Peak Christian School and also with the Pikes Peak YMCA, which he has been a member of the YMCA for many years. He and his wife, Karalee, and their six children live in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area and are actively involved in church, para-church and charity activities.