LinkedIn Recruiting Presence for Executives

For the recruiters out there, they know that LinkedIn recruiting is a strong tool in their recruiting toolkit for what they do. LinkedIn is the “marketplace” for professionals who are looking to connect and to find better opportunities. Recruiters use LinkedIn recruiting for its resources as they try to attract employers and skilled professionals to engage in conversations that will, hopefully, develop into a relationship down the road. They know that they have to boost the LinkedIn presence for recruiting to the point that people can easily see them and appreciate their presence.

What about you? If you’re building a team, whether you happen to be a Human Resources professional recruiter or not, what are you doing to promote your organization in LinkedIn?

Here are some LinkedIn recruiting ideas on increasing your presence and relevancy in the professional marketplace that is LinkedIn:

Review your personal profile and make sure you are marketing your organization in it.

It is amazing how many professionals who are working hard to attract the best candidates are willing to overlook LinkedIn recruiting opportunities as a marketing channel for their teams. That includes a lot of C-level executives. If you barely have a profile on LinkedIn, it sends a less-than-effective message that your organization is worth considering. Do yourself and your organization a favor and spend some time working on your LinkedIn profile. Tell people what you’re doing and what you love about your organization.

Review your organization’s profile and ensure that it is effective for inviting the candidates you want.

Top-notch candidates want to know about potential organizations to work for. Just like recruiters, they do their homework and check out what an organization has to say on LinkedIn. Go through your organization’s profile and make sure that it is sending the message that you want for people to see. Again, this is a highly overlooked marketing opportunity for organizations to tell their story and to attract the best candidates, as well as the best potential customers and strategic partnerships.

Write and post articles about great business ideas and your organization’s achievements.

LinkedIn may be considered a social media channel, but it’s not Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This isn’t the place to talk about kittens, the party from last weekend, your favorite football team, or other personal information. Instead, this is the place to talk about business and professional development – and it’s great! Write and share articles which will benefit the readers. Tell about your organization’s achievements and current events. Bring energy into the marketplace by telling your story – one article at a time.

Be a LinkedIn recruiting influencer.

It’s not good enough to write marketing pieces on LinkedIn. Otherwise, you will end up only sounding like a salesperson. Instead, make comments and generate discussions about important topics in the marketplace. Provide people an opportunity to engage with you and to talk about how you and your organization are creating excellence for your business environment. Every time you engage in LinkedIn, think about how you can reflect your organization’s values in the marketplace.

Furthermore, it’s important for you to represent your values and skills as you share with others. You want for people to want to read your work and to want to contact you. Certainly there are people out there who can drain your energy by wanting to engage in long discussions with no benefit for you, but there are a whole lot more who you want to find. Give them a good reason to engage with you as you influence the marketplace with good ideas and solid business principles.

Invite the right candidates with the best information.

When it comes to that time where you are looking for the best and brightest candidates, ask on LinkedIn. Make it clear what you’re looking for and the type of person who would fit in well within your team. If you have been producing content on your personal page and also your organization’s page, it will help potential candidates to determine if they’re the right person for the opportunity. Do yourself a favor. Make sure you’ve posted some content that will provide candidates the right impression of your organization.  Keep in mind to promote the corporate culture you have. You’ll find that people who are not looking will take a second glance. Those who are still not looking will refer your post to those who they think are the right candidates. All of this starts the conversations which lead to the people you want to consider.

All of this work takes a little bit of time, but it produces some great rewards. Schedule some time on your calendar and do some recruiting on LinkedIn – with your style and with your influence.

What do you do for LinkedIn recruiting? Have you hired someone who saw your organization on LinkedIn?

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