Marketing in Human Resources is Important

Someone will ask the question, “How do you tie in marketing in Human Resources?” That’s a great question.

Grab a cup of coffee and let me sell you why marketing and Human Resources are already together – and why you need to build on it.

The first representative of your organization that a person encounters may be one of your Human Resources team members.

Your Human Resources team may seem to be the department in the back of the building. They don’t necessarily have the highest-profile role in the organization. Nevertheless, your HR team communicates for your organization and maintains relationships. They talk with prospective employees, service providers (insurance agents, payroll experts, legal teams, etc.), and especially with your entire staff. They represent the organization in a personal way.

Your HR team is speaking to a lot of people every single day. They implement marketing in human resources.  The HR team communicates the vision and mission of your organization. They share the energy and enthusiasm of the organization as well. If they are excited about what’s going on, they’re going to infuse that excitement in what they do. Make sure that they are encouraged and informed about what’s going on with your vision and mission, and how they are being realized every day.

Don’t underestimate the relationships your HR team manages for your organization. People talk about your organization and they talk to your HR team. Give your HR team a great message with great energy.

Your Human Resources team is in the business of attracting the best and brightest for your organization.

You want outstanding people for your organization. To make that happen, you must have a commitment to make your organization a winning environment. That starts with a HR team that understands how they can bring in the best-fitting team members. It’s a much easier “sell” for your HR team in the process of attracting great candidates.   That’s marketing in human resources.

If your HR team knows how to present your organization in the most attractive light, they’re going to find more people who want to come on board. They are going to be excited about what’s going on in the organization and they’re going to be excited about hiring great people to make the organization even stronger. It won’t be hard for them to get candidates excited – which is an unique opportunity for any HR team.

Your Human Resources team sells your organization to your staff.

The HR team is responsible to monitor your entire organization’s staff.  Your management staff manages the retention effort. The question is, however: who is keeping the managers and executive team on the team? In many cases, it is the HR team. They come alongside the management teams to help them keep their best people.

When it comes to benefits packages, pay raises, company perks, etc., it is the HR team that presents those rewards to your employees. These benefits presented by your HR team are incentives for your employees to stay with your organization. If the HR team does a great job, your staff will be reminded how important they are when they interact with the HR team.

Have you thanked your HR team yet? And have you thanked them for promoting your organization?

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