Sales for a Non-Salesperson: The Passion of the Presentation

Are you one of those people who struggle with the tasks of sales? Are you selling as a non-salesperson?  Do you lack passion for sales?  If so, there are a lot of people like you out there.

Don’t worry . . . we’ll talk about some easy ways to place yourself in a great situation to succeed!

One of the areas which allows for you to be successful in sales is in the presentation.

The presentation is a critical part of the process, but it is overlooked a lot. Let’s talk about your presentation and how you can succeed.

When we were little kids and we wanted something badly, we would work to make a compelling, passion-filled presentation to those people who controlled the decision. In most cases, it was our parents or grandparents. When we worked on this presentation, we intuitively thought about the audience, the speech, the props, and, in many cases, the “call to action” – the question where the audience would agree to help us out. We weren’t necessarily trained in all of these skills, although we might have watched others to get ideas. We were definitely bold enough to give it a try, though.

And then sometime between childhood and adulthood, we “learned” some negative lessons about this process. It usually started with some friend of ours telling us that “it won’t work” and “that’s a stupid idea to ask” when it came to asking for help or gaining a resource. Frankly, that was a horrible lesson. If you’re like most people, you decided to agree with this bad logic and you stopped looking and asking for opportunities unless you were absolutely sure you weren’t destined to be hurt or embarrassed – or both.

Deep inside, you still remember making those speeches when you were a kid – and the hope that you held in your heart that you were going to succeed. That hope is still there. You can tap into it.

The reality of the situation is that the best salespeople face anxiety like everyone else.

They want the sale just as badly as anyone, but they also know how to deal with the fear of being rejected. When someone says “No” to their proposals, they don’t take it as a deep insult and point of humiliation. Instead, they focus on meeting needs by gaining trust in their audience. That keeps them from quitting, because they realize that a “No” is not a rejection of them as a person, but as a choice at that time by the prospective client.

And that process takes passion . . . passion in the product or service they are selling.

If you’re fearful about the sales presentations you make, consider how well you appreciate and support the product or service you are selling. How can you change lives for the better? Ponder about how you would help someone in a real, personal way. Consider about the benefits and the positive things.

If you are passionate about your kids and carry lots of photos in your phone of your family, here’s how that passion will help.  Focus on the idea of being as passionate about what you’re selling as you are about your kids. If you support a sports team with passion and love to talk about that team, think about that passion.  Think about what it would take to be as passionate about your sales presentation as you are when you go to the game. Pretend that your team is in the championship game – how would you talk about that opportunity?

When you do your preparation, give plenty of thought about what makes that product or service important to the client.

Make it personal and make it impactful. Don’t think about yourself – think about how you are going to change a life and make it better. Put emotion in that presentation and make it powerful.

If you believe in something, you have the power to change lives. Be passionate about what you represent. You’ll see successful results if you keep working at it.

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