Personal Executive Team – The Reasons

Our team at has done a lot of informal research the last 20 years.  One of the most common questions that we’ve asked successful entrepreneurs and executives is this: what made your business or organization a successful one?  The overwhelming answer: a personal executive team.

Executive teams increase successful results.

After speaking to a number of successful leaders and entrepreneurs, there were a few common answers.  One answer we heard many times was that they all had their own executive team in some form. None of them said that they did it all by themselves – they deferred a lot of the credit of their success to other people.

We think that this is a fundamental approach and a great strategy.  There are many benefits when you have people who are looking out and advising you on what you need.  When you have to manage quite a bit, you want to have the best and brightest minds on your side.  Whether you’re coaching a professional sports team, a global corporation, or just starting a new venture on your own, you want to have the best team around you.

Have the best resources on your side.

With today’s business environment, you can have a lot of the great resources that the richest and and most successful business leaders also enjoy.  The Internet has made the business world a whole lot smaller and way more accessible.  Not only can you have your own executive team, you don’t have to go broke to find one.

Own your own executive team.

Having your own executive team can be built and managed in all kinds of ways.  It takes a bit of strategy, a bit of hard work, and a bit of “thinking outside the box.”   Especially if you’re the kind of person who you’re worked for everyone else, this whole exercise is going to be new territory for you.  But you’re going to find a lot of benefits from it.

Many of the best experts that you may want for your team are available for you.  Most of them are very accessible, if you look hard enough and are committed to the process.

Are you ready to get to work on this project?  Let’s go!

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