Personal Health and Technology is Important

Personal health and technology

Written by onlineadvisor1

December 17, 2023

For any successful executive or leader, personal health and technology should be a priority.

Personal Health and Technology is a Area of Concern

In an infographic about technology and healthy lifestyles, Arizona State University reported that 37.9% of Americans over the age of 20 are considered obese. Worse yet, 42% of older Americans are projected to be obese, and 21% of that same age group are projected to have diabetes.

Personal health and technology is a serious situation which needs our attention.

Considering that one of the major causes is lack of activity due to electronic device use, it makes sense that we should find a solution within the same devices we use.  As a result, personal health and technology should be able to work together.

If you’re not exercising and monitoring your eating habits, you may be a candidate for obesity or diabetes – if you’re not in one of these categories right now.

Think about these beneficial solutions within the mobile apps world:

Wearable Trackers

These devices built by Fitbit, Garmin, Vivosmart, and even Apple in its Apple Watch, are able to track your steps, heart rate and other key exercise metrics.  What’s great about these devices is that they also track your sleep performance and how restful you were able to sleep the night before.  As time goes on, the devices become more powerful and less of a pain to wear all day and night.  Find one that’s right for you.

Wellness Apps

There are a wide variety of apps on the market that encourage you to get off the couch and to get moving. One of the recent popular health and fitness apps is “Zombies, Run!” As it is described here, “Running becomes way more fun when each step gets you closer to carrying out your mission, collecting materials for your base camp, and keeping humans safe from the zombie apocalypse.” Others that are good apps are Fitnet, Sworkit, and Nike+ Training Club.

Nutrition Apps

If you’re trying to reduce empty calories and eat better, check out the nutrition apps out there.  For example, studies have shown that people who track what they eat are able to lose weight quicker and experience better health.  Most noteworthy are MyFitnessPal, Waterlogged, HealthyOut, MyNetDiary and MyPlate.

Facilities and Equipment

What’s interesting is that technology is becoming more of a force in the fitness area.  As a result, many clubs and facilities are offering apps to help users with their workouts.  There are facility- and equipment-related apps for users to know what workouts they should complete and to record their results.  Check out what’s available for you as it relates to your local workout facilities.

There are companies who are using technology as a key source of information and interaction.  Peloton is a noteworthy company which offers stationary cycling in your home – but with a twist.  The Peloton cycle has a screen on the front of it.  This allows you to participate in live and recorded workouts.  They offer live cycling sessions with instructors who are able to interact with you and your cycling classmates.  These courses vary in intensity and time according to your ability (and comfort).  The added benefit is that you can compete with your classmates or with yourself.  The software also keeps track of your previous performances.

Consequently, there are a lot of options out there for you to optimize your health and technology.  Take advantage of what’s out there and find what works for you!

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