The Positive Results of a Team Member’s Departure

If you read the title of this article, you may be thinking to yourself: how can there be positive results from a team member’s departure?  If you consider the circumstances and implement the right strategy, there are potential positive results to be gained.  Whether that team member was a positive or negative influence, the opportunity of transition can be a very positive one.
Here are some positive aspects of a departure:

Our organization can gain a fresh, new and beneficial viewpoint from a new member.

New members can and should provide a healthy amount of positive changes and good energy to the team.  If we encourage them to share what they know and can do, the team becomes better for the experience.  That’s not to say that we want to create high turnover in our organization or in our teams.  What we do want to achieve is a beneficial change for the team which brings new levels of expertise.

When we lose a team member, we can evaluate that vacant role and make changes.

Many times we are not able to make significant, positive changes in a situation, due to the reality that we don’t want to create more problems than solutions.  Team members need stability and consistency to be able to do their work with excellence.  However, when someone leaves, we can make some positive changes in that role as we carefully evaluate the responsibilities involved.

The person leaving can be an ally for us in the marketplace.

If we have a successful situation with the departing member, we can have a more positive influence in the marketplace.  We want to have an increase of people who speak well about us and create a positive influence for us.  Former employees can accomplish a lot of this work, if we are about helping and rewarding them in their new roles.
There is a famous quote that everyone loses their job.  The options are: quitting, firing, or death.  We should be committed to an environment for these options to be as attractive as possible.

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