Recruiting for Your Organization as an Executive

There are a lot of you out there who work in either recruiting or Human Resources. This article will most likely be a review for you all – or at least I hope it is.

If not, we need to talk about recruiting.

Frankly, this article is targeted at all of you who are leaders in your organizations. We need to talk about your role in recruiting for your organization.

Unless you work by yourself and you have no interest whatsoever in either hiring someone for your organization, or you don’t need anyone to be an independent contractor for you, the reality is that you should be looking to build up your team, or build up your organization.

This is an important point that you should not miss: You need to be looking for the best and brightest professionals all of the time. Period.

I’ve heard the arguments. I know them well. They start like this: “if you’re not “HR”, you don’t need to be trying to do a sales job to anyone for your organization.” Then it gets into the “that’s HR’s job to recruit people.” Then they get into the “I’m not big into talking about people’s job and all of that.” Really?

Here’s my response: if you want the best people working in your organization, you will be more than happy to talk to them about any opportunities if you think there’s a fit. Think a little bit selfishly here. Don’t you want to have people you like and respect around you in the workplace? Don’t you want to have an “all-star” team around you that makes your life better and easier, plus the benefits of learning what they know?

Now if you don’t like the place you work for, and you wouldn’t want someone you like and respect to be mistreated, that does make sense. In that situation, however, I would suggest that you start talking to friends and acquaintances about the organizations they work for – and find one that is a better fit for you.

The point of the matter is that you want a great team around you, especially if you own your business. You should always be looking and promoting your business, even if you don’t think you have the money and resources to hire that person right now. You never know how things may change – both for you and for that potential candidate.

So here is a great suggestion on how to recruit for your business in an easy, fun approach.

When you find someone doing a great job at another business, compliment them.

Let them know that you were impressed with what they’ve done. Then let them know that you would love to help them with their career. Give them your business card and tell them that, if they’re ever looking for a new opportunity, to give you a call or an email. If they never contact you again, that’s okay. You gave them a compliment and it probably made their day.

If they do contact you, be willing to recruit them for opportunities they might have with your organization, or with another organization.

Sometimes that person is the perfect candidate and this process makes it easier. Sometimes the fit isn’t that great. However, the person might know someone who is more qualified or interested in applying for that job. That could be an even better solution.

Keep in mind that it’s all about a networking opportunity that you would have never gained if you said nothing.

You would have never had the chance to even considering hiring that person in the first place because they would have never known about the opportunity to work with you and your organization.  Additionally, you make a friend and you also create a contact that will return a favor to you someday. Whether or not they end up with your company, the benefit is that you’ve increased your network by one. And you never know when this will be a benefit for you down the road.

Always carry business cards with you. And always be on the lookout for recruiting outstanding candidates.

What do you think about these ideas? Do you have better ones? Let us know.

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