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CliftonStrengths (formerly Gallup StrengthsFinder) is arguably the most comprehensive personality assessment offered in the business marketplace.  Offered by the world’s most notable survey company, it’s an assessment which provides a complete, personal profile and reports to help you understand what you do best, and how to use your talents to live your strongest life.   

What You’ll Learn:

  • What are your strongest strengths and an action plan to aim them to achieve your goals
  • Personal insights about your strengths and how to optimize them for greatest success
  • What are your blind spots and how to implement goals to reduce them
  • What are your strongest domains – areas where your unique gifts combine to make you stronger and more successful
  • How your unique skills and gifts interact with others in specific detail

Why We Recommend This Assessment:

As a leader, this is the primary assessment you need.

Each leader has a very unique set of strengths.  This assessment accurately shows you what you are and what you do best, with unique, descriptive detail.  By asking you over 170 questions, this assessment can accurately “drill down” to all of the key details about you -and how you can succeed.  As you lead, you understand very well what you do best, and then it allows you to determine who you need around you to make a great team.

The resources behind this assessment are backed very well.

Many assessments are created with resources which do not improve and do not enhance the experience.  This assessment, however, is owned by a global company with a wide variety of resources -and it makes improvements on the customer experience on a regular basis. 

Many of the best business coaches use this assessment as their primary tool to understand their clients.

Companies which expect high-powered results from successful business coaches simply don’t have the time to invest in speculative, “voodoo” assessments for their teams.  That’s why many of the best business coaches use this assessment.  It gets to the results quickly, but it also provides the depth that the best companies need for sustained growth in their leadership teams.

This assessment requires a high degree of understanding and performance from their certified advisors.

Many assessments offer certifications which are easy to gain and maintain, without a whole lot of work and testing.  This assessment, however, requires quite a bit of work and mastery from their certified advisors, which provides a high level of assurance to those who are looking to get the greatest results from the resources available. 

How to Order This Assessment:

Click on the link below and follow the instructions.  As a certified consultant, we can assist you with understanding the results of your assessment.



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Updated: 1/09/2024

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