Social Media Marketing Ideas – A Starter Plan

Here are some quick social media marketing ideas that you need to consider with your marketing strategy. That’s assuming that you have a strategy – which may not be the case. Whether or not you’re thinking about social media marketing ideas, let’s cover some basics that you should always be in your plans.

As part of your social media marketing ideas, how often are you posting on social media?

If you are not posting, you’re not promoting. You’re not marketing. You’re not relevant in the easiest, cheapest and most effective sales space for your organization. The bottom line is that you have to be posting. We’re not saying that you have to be posting every day, but you need to be posting on a regular basis.

What are you posting on social media?

It’s not good enough to post anything. You have to post information that is relevant. Also, you need to talk about what’s relevant to your customers and clients. You may want to promote products and services that you have on sale. That’s great. Make sure that you’re promoting products and services that your clients use. Make sure that you are promoting products and services that your clients are looking for. If what you’re talking about isn’t relevant, your customers and clients are going to ignore whatever it is that you’re saying. Don’t make noise for the sake of making noise. Be compelling.

How are you different than everyone else in your market space?

Create content that is different. Create content that is fresh, new, impactful and is “first-to-market.” Give customers and clients the feeling that you’re the best source for information and services in your market. Talk about how to be more effective. Talk about how to be more successful by using your products and services. Show people that you understand them, and show them how you’re going to serve them better than your competitors.

How do you show you care about your customers and clients?

Don’t sound like the greedy salesman who will move on to the next prospect as soon as they’re done with you. Be committed to building the relationship. In today’s market, you need to relate to people if you want to succeed. Make a point to communicate with them when they comment on your posts. Make a point to connect with others, especially your customers and clients. Post on their pages, especially when they are promoting you and your organization.

These are simple suggestions, but they make a lot of impact if you’re committed to doing them.

What are you going to do today to increase your effectiveness in social media? What great social media marketing ideas should you plan to launch today? Write down your plans and how you are going to implement them. Be committed to implement them by taking action – today.

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