The Importance of the Website, Simplified

For over 20 years, we at Digital Environment have heard the same thing from clients.  It’s usually this statement: “We need a website and we need it to take care of our customers.”  They see the importance of a website.
There’s nothing wrong with that initial goal.  We all realize that every business and organization needs an online presence to introduce themselves to potential clients, and to communicate with stakeholders and interested parties.  There’s importance in getting that goal completed.  A website can accomplish that specific goal.
What is not easily seen, however, are some other important goals and objectives that a website is able to meet.

A website makes the organization’s presence in the marketplace a force of importance.

A website can either create a positive or negative impression with its clients and its interested parties.  First, consider the thought that a bad impression from the website creates a poor overall impression of the organization as a whole.  This is the main reason why large corporations spend millions of dollars to promote themselves through their websites.  Secondly, the website establishes credibility for the organization in the marketplace.  People think that a business or organization is committed when it offers a website for the marketplace.  Lastly, the website can create a stronger presence in the marketplace through its website.  With skillful work, the website can and should be a major entry point for interested people.

A website invites people to engage with the organization.

There are very, very few successful businesses and organizations that exist which do not have a good website.  If you want to compete in the marketplace, you need a website that promotes your company.  Additionally, you need a website which invites prospective clients or supporters to engage with your company.  It’s not good enough to tell about what you do and who you are.  You need to invite people to engage with your company.  Your website needs to be efficient in engagement.

A website clearly states the value proposition to its clients.

An organization should be committed to solving needs for its clients.  If a website doesn’t explain how it can help its clients, it’s just not a good resource.  It’s not just about providing a “services list” for clients.  Instead, websites show clients how they can gain success, profits and overall peace of mind.
Considering these key points of emphasis, is your website accomplishing these goals?
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